Dennis Stevens, Ed.D.

multi-hyphenate creative and Shwashbuckler

Hi, I'm Dennis, and I wear many hats. I manage multiple roles, responsibilities, jobs, and projects simultaneously while pursuing my creative talents. As a creative inventor, I prioritize innovation and project leadership and value intellectual inquiry and problem-solving.

My entrepreneurial mindset and INTP personality allow me to synthesize knowledge and study systems, uncovering valuable opportunities. I'm endlessly curious and interested in a variety of topics, including art, philosophy, politics, and education.

I'm grateful for the gifts of versatility and adaptability, which allow me to move between different tasks and responsibilities seamlessly.

My guiding ethos is to accept that I am talented and versatile in my creative pursuits and possess a fearless and adventurous spirit. By this compass, I constantly seek new challenges and experiences and aim to use my creativity and ingenuity to overcome obstacles and push boundaries.

I am a calculated risk-taker interested in taking on new projects and exploring new artistic territories.

About Dumbo Hill

Dumbo Hill is an online gallery that showcases some of my artwork.

About Penelope Mimetics LLC

Penelope Mimetics, my company, offers a collaborative infrastructure to facilitate transformative change.

Penelope Mimetics is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) and an active supplier in the federal procurement database.

CAGE Code: 7XG73
DUNS: 080779075

About Redefining Craft with Dennis Stevens

Redefining Craft is an online platform that showcases how individuals in American studio craft communities of practice embody values through their projects. The content on the site highlights the intersections of art, craft, design, technology, and critical thinking.

The platform provides a space for exchange and learning, where individuals with diverse aesthetics can evaluate the core values of craft communities of practice. Redefining Craft presents 21st-century knowledge on art and design creation, utilizing current tools and materials, and contextualizes history to document the latest developments in the craft domain.

About my point-of-view

When it comes to writing and creating content, my academic approach involves engaging with creativity in a dynamic perspective-shifting manner while valuing open-mindedness, flexibility, tolerance, intellectual humility, and dialectical thinking.

For more info, see my podcast project:

My Friend Voldemort

  • Work
    • Penelope Mimetics LLC
  • Education
    • Teachers College, Columbia University (Ed.D.)
    • San Jose State University (M.A.)
    • Clemson University (B.F.A.)