Facilitator of Knowledge & Creative Catalyst
Dennis Stevens, Ed.D.

About Me

I am a visual artist, writer, educator, facilitator of knowledge, and a creative catalyst who connects knowledge across disciplinary boundaries. As the founder of Penelope Mimetics LLC, I lead a collaborative platform for research and development.

With a diverse background in the arts, sciences, writing, research, and media production, I bring a diverse, cross-disciplinary approach to all my projects. My experience includes leading transformative initiatives in community development, synthetic biology research and development, customer discovery, instruction and training, NSF's Innovation Corps entrepreneurship, organizational change management, and thought leadership; to this end, I also have experience in leveraging technology to engage online communities in meaningful educational conversations.

I currently lead HEGEMONACO, a Substack newsletter dedicated to deepening the understanding of the ethical and political challenges in governing artificial intelligence (AI) within democratic societies.

Additionally, I founded and currently lead the Conway Cultural Development Corporation, a non-profit dedicated to community revitalization through creative placemaking.

My academic background includes a Doctorate in Art and Art Education, the College Teaching of Art from Teachers College, Columbia University, a Master's in Instructional Technology from San Jose State, and a Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Clemson University.

Before academia, I served as a Gunner's Mate in the U.S. Coast Guard.