I'm a Creative Catalyst. I facilitate individual and team break throughs by connecting knowledge across disciplines to unlock fresh perspectives, solve complex problems and develop new products and services.
Dennis Stevens, Ed.D.

About Me

I have over three decades of experience as a leader, and a creative problem solver. Leveraging my innovative approach, unique vision and diverse expertise, I have delivered impactful solutions across various sectors.

With a background in invention and the visual arts, I uniquely process information, providing actionable insights as a trusted advisor to C-suite executives. My roles at Penelope Mimetics LLC have seen me spearhead numerous projects, including customer discovery initiatives in sustainable polymers/textiles within the National Science Foundation I-Corps program and lead a funded research and development project in synthetic biology.

Beyond my professional endeavors, I have also played a significant role in nonprofit leadership, demonstrating a commitment to community development through creative placemaking.

With a Doctor of Education degree in the College Teaching of Art, I employ analytical skills, creativity, and effective communication to foster innovation and problem-solving across various knowledge domains.

This includes engaging with geographical communities, where physical proximity plays a role, as well as communities of practice, where shared interests and professional expertise drive collaboration.

By bridging these different contexts, I contribute to the advancement of industries and the cultivation of knowledge and innovation within communities of people with shared goals.